Isotonix® Daily Essentials Kit - Includes one Isotonix OPC3® (90 servings) , one Isotonix® Multivitamin Without Iron (90 servings), one Isotonix® Advanced B-Complex (90 servings), one Isotonix® Calcium Plus (90 servings). MAHP1700182 MAHS1400404

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This kit includes: One Isotonix® OPC3™, One Isotonix® Multivitamin Without Iron, One Isotonix® Advanced B-Complex, One Isotonix® Calcium Plus. MAHP1700182 MAHS1400404


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Hi, may I check if this set will come with isotonic bottle?

Response from Customer Service:
May 11, 2020

Great day, for your information, the purchase of this kit does not come with Isotonix bottle. Thank you.


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Health boosters

I live a very healthy lifestyle with daily homecooked wholesome food and active lifestyle. I started consuming Isotonix Daily Essentials since Jul 2019. Since then, I have observed significant improvement to my overactive gastrointestinal tract, more energetic, calmer, happier and better complexion and skin.

I love Isotonix Daily Essentials so much! Thank you!



i absolutely love this combination, I have been taking them for the past 2 years and recommended them to my sister's boyfriend who was suffering from fatigue. He tried the sachets and felt better. He ordered 1 set of supplements to consume daily.


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My 4 heavenly kings!

By taking the Isotonix Daily Essentials Kit right at the beginning of the day, i know i have started my day well as all my basic need of vitamins are included in this 4 heavenly kings! Opc3 powerful antioxidant , Calcium , B complex and Multivitamin. Wow wow wow you name it i have them.

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