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Single Bottle (30 Servings)

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  • Helps promote normal cell cycle activity
  • Supports normal liver detoxification activity
  • Helps maintain healthy glutathione levels

Product Classifications

Gluten-Free - The finished product contains no detectable gluten

Vegan - The product is made without ingredients produced by or derived from animals.

No Pork - This product contains no pork or pork products.

Quality Standards - GMP Operations and Standardized Ingredients

Checked For: Heavy Metals, Microbiological Contaminants, Allergens, Potency, Purity and Identity


There are many curcumin products on the market but Curcumin Extreme with Curcugreen™ Ø has superior bioavailability and absorption than most. Curcumin Extreme helps to maintain healthy glutathione levels, promotes normal cell cycle activity and supports normal liver detoxification.

Curcumin Extreme also includes broccoli seed extract, a powerful source of sulphoraphane glucosinolates. Sulforaphanes support the normal production of Phase II liver detoxification enzymes including glutathione synthase, heme-oxygenase and catalase. Glutathione is the master antioxidant in the human body which serves to preserve and protect the brain and other body tissues by protecting them from the damage of free radicals. Furthermore, glutathione recycles vitamins C and E which are also powerful antioxidants.*

Ø Curcugreen is a trademark of Arjuna Natural Ltd.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Health Science Authority (HSA). This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


Curcumin (Curcugreen) 
Scientists have long been aware of the wide array of health benefits from the Indian spice turmeric, which is a source of the active phytochemical curcumin. Until now, curcumin has been known to have poor bioavailability, requiring high doses to promote health. Curcugreen delivers significantly more bioactive curcumin into the blood than to many other curcumin sources. 

Curcumin supports the normal production of liver detoxification enzymes including glutathione synthase as well as other detoxification enzymes such as heme-oxygenase and catalase. The liver plays several roles in detoxification: it filters the blood to remove toxins, synthesizes bile acids and secretes bile containing cholesterol and other fat-soluble toxins, and enzymatically disassembles unwanted chemicals. Curcumin has also been shown to promote healthy hepatic tissue repair. 

Broccoli Seed Extract
The health benefits and protective properties of broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables have been well documented over the past 25 years. Broccoli Seed Extractis a potent source of sulforaphane glucosinolates. Sulforaphanes support the normal production of liver detoxification enzymes including glutathione synthase. Sulforaphanes promote the body’s natural enzyme antioxidant defense systems and function as a powerful indirect antioxidant. Sulforaphanes work to support the body’s natural defense systems and maintain elevated levels of glutathione. Glutathione is the master antioxidant of the body. It is an important molecule that acts as a powerful antioxidant to protect the brain and other body tissues from free radicals. It also acts to recycle vitamin C and E which also neutralize free radicals.

Selenium is a required cofactor for selenoproteins such as glutathione peroxidase.


What is Curcumin? 
Curcumin is present in the spice tumeric, frequently used in Indian food. Its chemical makeup is responsible for the yellow coloring of turmeric, and is often used specifically to give color to foods. However, it may serve a more important purpose to humans. 

Are any side effects associated with Curcumin Extreme? 
Side effects are uncommon and are generally limited to mild stomach distress when consumed in high amounts.

Are there any warnings associated with taking Curcumin Extreme? 
If you are currently taking warfarin (Coumadin) or other antiplatelet/ anticoagulant medications, you should not take this product. If you are taking any other prescription medications or have an ongoing medical condition, you should consult your healthcare provider before using this product. Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should not take this product. 

Who should take Curcumin Extreme? 
Anyone 18 or over can take Curcumin Extreme. Especially those who want to support their normal liver detoxification activity and help maintain their healthy glutathione levels. 

What is the recommended serving for Curcumin Extreme? 
Take 1 capsule per day with or without a meal. 

What is the purpose of the Broccoli Seed Extract contained in this product? 
It may help in the support of the liver detoxification activity and it works to support the body’s natural defense systems and to sustain elevated levels of glutathione. 

Does Curcumin Extreme contain pork or pork products? 

Is Curcumin Extreme manufactured in a Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) facility? 
Yes, this product is manufactured in a GMP compliant facility which is inspected by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the United States of America.


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by Anonymous

Great product

I would like to recommend the product to the friends and family

Response from Customer Service:

Dear Valued Customer,

Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts on the Curcumin Extreme™! We are so happy to hear you are pleased with the product!

Thank you again!
The Product Information Team

by TAN

  • Shop Consultant
Fatty Liver aid

helped so many of my family members

by ANG

  • Shop Consultant
Little yellow pills

Help my liver to detox. I take it before sleep and i can sleep better.

by KOH

  • Shop Consultant
Liver Health

It has anti Inflammatory property. It help my liver to detox and after taking this it also help to brighten my skin tone.

by KOH

  • Shop Consultant
Brighten My Skin

Curcumin help to lighten my skin because it help my liver to detox.