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Single Canister (28 Servings)

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Product info


  • Helps maintain bowel regularity
  • Supports digestive health
  • Supports bacterial balance in the colon

Product Classifications

Gluten-Free - The finished product contains no detectable gluten

No Detectable GMOs - The finished product contains no detectable genetically-modified organisms

Vegetarian - This product is vegetarian.

No Pork - This product contains no pork or pork products.

Quality Standards - GMP Operations and Standardized Ingredients

Checked For: Heavy Metals, Microbiological Contaminants, Allergens, Potency, Purity and Identity


A healthy gastrointestinal tract is important in maintaining the overall health of the body. Understanding the complex digestion process is important to understanding how maintaining a healthy GI tract contributes to maintaining the overall health of the body.

NutriClean Advanced Fiber Powder is a blend of soluble fiber and probiotics. This blend of fibers and probiotics team up to maintain digestive tract health. Market Singapore’s NutriClean Advanced Fiber Powder delivers soluble fiber and beneficial probiotics which support the intestinal tract’s number of good bacteria, keeping things in balance in terms of microorganisms. It is known that optimal health begins with a clean slate and NutriClean Advanced Fiber Powder can make that a reality!


High-protein foods including meat, fish, beans and dairy products are excellent sources of glutamine. L-glutamine is an amino acid that is used by the intestinal tract as a source of fuel. Because the cells of the intestine use glutamine for fuel, supplemental L-glutamine can be used to support digestive health.

Inulin is a naturally occurring polysaccharides produced by many types of plants. It is considered a form of soluble fiber and is sometimes categorized as a prebiotic, meaning it can be used by bacteria in the gut for food. Inulin or fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS) are fibers in the form of starches that the human body cannot fully digest. When a person consumes prebiotics, the undigested portions provide nourishment for beneficial bacteria in the digestive tract. Inulins may promote the growth of favorable bacterial populations, such as bifidobacteria in the colon.

Fibersol-2 (soluble fiber polymer complex)
Fibersol-2 is a soluble fiber that supports a healthy digestive tract. This dietary fiber is a spray-dried powder made by the pyrolysis and stabilized enzymatic hydrolysis of cornstarch. Because it is high in naturally occurring chemical bonds that remain undigested even in the digestive tract, it helps to support overall health.

Probiotic Blend (Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus plantarum, Bifodobacterium bifidum, Lactobacillus casei)
Probiotics such as lactobacillus acidophilus are bacteria that are known as the beneficial or good bacteria. These bacteria actually help to maintain a healthy digestive tract. The digestive system naturally houses millions of these good bacteria. Disruptions to these populations of bacteria are common and therefore steps should be taken to keep them at adequate levels in order to maintain digestive health. Beneficial bacteria can be found naturally in foods such as cultured yogurts and kefir. Probiotics may help to support overall health and maintain balanced bowels.


Why is maintaining colon health so important? 
Few people notice their digestive system until there is an apparent problem, such as gas, indigestion, irregularity or diarrhea. But these common occurrences could also constitute symptomatic markers of much larger problems that place the spotlight on proper colon health and digestive system maintenance. It is well accepted that the average modern diet tends to be quite high in both fat and calories. Modern lifestyles are not conducive to good colon health. Over a period of time, a diet lacking in certain nutrients and fiber can cause undigested food to slow down its transit time in the colon, which could lead to health concerns. Such consequences certainly make the case for paying attention to the maintenance of sound colon health.

What makes NutriClean Advanced Fiber Powder different from something I can find in a local store?
NutriClean Advanced Fiber Powder is revolutionary in the way of intestinal health. While many fiber products found in grocery stores or pharmacies may help to promote a laxative effect, they can lack additional benefits. Unlike common fibers which just supply only mere simple laxative fibers, NutriClean Advanced Fiber Powder not only provides inulin and Fibersol-2, it also contains the nutrient L-glutamine which provides fuels for the digestive tract. Our fiber blend contains 1.5 billion CFU probiotic microorganisms which play a role, directly or indirectly, in our overall health.

Why is fiber so important to overall health?
Unfortunately, the average people doesn’t get nearly enough fiber in their daily diet. This is definitely not good news due to the fact that fiber should be among one of the most important components of your diet, yet this overlooked nutrient is many times forgotten. Fiber benefits include the ability to help improve intestinal movement, increase the feeling of  fullness and maintain intestinal regularity.

How should I take 
NutriClean Advanced Fiber Powder?
Mix one (1) rounded scoop (12.2 g) of powder in 240 ml of cold water, stir or shake briskly and drink immediately. Drink plenty of fluids while using this product.

What is the best way to store NutriClean 
Advanced Fiber Powder
Store in a cool, dry place such as a refrigerator or dry box.

What is Fibersol-2? 
Fibersol-2 is a soluble fiber that supports a healthy digestive tract. This dietary fiber is a spray-dried powder made by the pyrolysis and stabilized enzymatic hydrolysis of cornstarch. Because it is high in naturally occurring chemical bonds that remain undigested even in the digestive tract, it helps to support overall health.

What exactly are probiotics? 
Probiotics are a type of bacteria. Probiotics like the ones found in NutriClean Advanced Fiber Powder may actually help to offset the actions of harmful bacteria, thus paving the way for overall body health. The use of probiotics has been found to be helpful for maintaining the health of the digestive tract. NutriClean Advanced Fiber Powder includes 1.5 billion CFU’s per serving, including Lactobacillus acidophilus , Lactobacillus plantarum , Lactobacillus casei and Bifidobacteria bifidum.

Does NutriClean Advanced Fiber Powder contain pork or pork products?

Does this product have No Detectable GMOs?

This product is tested with no GMO detected. This product’s raw material may contain genetically modified materials/ingredients, but the finished product does not contain any transgenic DNA fragments or transgenic proteins.

Is NutriClean Advanced
Fiber Powder manufactured in a Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) facility? 
Yes, this product is manufactured in a GMP-compliant facility which is inspected by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the United States of America.


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by HEE

  • Shop Consultant
Silky smooth bowel movement

Ever since I've started nutriclean fiber daily, I've realised my bowel movement became super smooth. I'm no longer suffered from constipation with hard stool like rock.

by Anonymous

Perfect addition

I love how easily the fiber mixes with any drink. My favorite combination is the trim tea with a scoop of fiber. It adds just a touch of sweetness to help curb cravings and fill the snack gap in the afternoon.


  • Shop Consultant
love this fiber

after consume this product, my stomach no longer bloated

Response from Customer Service:

Dear Valued Customer,

Thank you for your positive feedback on the NutriClean™ Fiber with L-Glutamine & Probiotics. We are glad that you are happy with our product.

Thank you. Team

by EShop

  • Shop Consultant
Gut health

Love this Nutri Clean with help my gut and also improve bowel movement.

by YU

  • Shop Consultant
Must have as a start of detox

The product is very effective during the detox Phase of my TLS journey. It helps in moving my bowels smoothly every morning.